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Contacting Us

We understand and welcome that you may need to contact us from time to time. Please review the following to enhance your care:

  •  For prescription refills call your pharmacist and ask to send a refill request to the prescribing physician.

  • We will return all refill requests within 10 business days 

  • If you need to change your appointment you can email us using the contact form below.

  • We do not provide medical advice by phone or email

  • You can ask to set up a home video visit.

  • If we have ordered a test, we schedule a follow-up visit, home video visit, or phone call.

  • If you do not have a visit scheduled to review test results please call us and schedule the visit.

  • Please DO NOT assume that if you did not hear from us that your test was normal

  • All phone messages are returned within 2 working days, if you have not heard back please call again.

Contact us.

Telephone: 289-207-3200


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